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Panorama photography in caves and karst

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Panoramas Grands Causses Grands Causses

Plateaus of the Grands Causses (France)

The rugged karstic plateaus of the Grands Causses in the South of France are structured by the canyons formed by the rivers Tarn and Jonte and are a marvellous landscape above and below ground.

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Panoramas Cèze & Gardon Ceze and Gardon

Valleys of the Cèze and Gardon (France)

The caves around the Cèze and Gardon gorges, again in the South of France, are famous for their richness in crystal-clear helictites, many traces of cave bears and impressive paragenetic meanders.

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Panoramas Ardeche Ardèche

Ardèche Gorge (France)

The Gorge d'Ardèche and its surrounding plateau is one of the classical karst areas in the South of France. This region has some of the most important caves in the country – including the incredible Grotte Chauvet with its phenomenal cave art.

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Panoramas Vercors Vercors

Vercors Plateau (France)

The karstic plateau Vercors in the French Alps is a highlight, not only in terms of its landscape, but also in respect of its diverse underground realm.

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Panoramas Verdons Verdon

Verdon Canyon (France)

The Gorges du Verdon has a reputation for being the mother of all French canyons. The Verdon eroded its way up to 700 metres deep into the limestone, thereby sculpturing vertical climbing walls of outstanding quality.

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Panoramas Chartreuse Chartreuse

Chartreuse Mountains (France)

The Chartreuse Mountains are a jewel among the French karstic areas. The alpine range supports more than 360 kilometres of surveyed cave passages. In the majestic Dent de Crolles, pioneers of cave exploration were once active, such as Martel, Chevalier, Petzl and others.

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Panoramas Classical Karst Classical Karst

Classical Karst (Italy/Slovenia)

In the area of the city Trieste in Italy and across the border in Slovenia, we find the area of classical karst – named Carsus by the Romans – that gave this geological term its name. Here, speleological history was written..

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Panoramas Mallorce Mallorca

Island of Mallorca (Spain)

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, has more than 4,000 registered caves. But it is also the surface of Mallorca that features impressive and wild karst, a far cry from the dull mass tourism Mallorca is well known for.

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Panoramas New Zealand New Zealand

New Zealand archipelago

New Zealand yields diverse and exotic karstic landscapes of particular beauty. From subtropical rainforests to rugged alpine karst terrain, the archipelago possesses many wonders of the underground and has immense potential for further cave exploration.

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Panoramas Reiteralm Reiteralm

Plateau Reiteralm (Germany/Austria)

The karstic plateau Reiteralm in the Berchtesgaden Alps is an area of exploration for the Höhlenforschungsgruppe Ostalb-Kirchheim. This gallery shows images from the eight-kilometre long Eisrohrhöhle-Bammelschacht-System.

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Panoramas Burren Burren

The Burren (Ireland)

A karstic area of a particular charm is the Burren in the West of Ireland. General Edmund Ludlow is remembered for that he said in 1651 that the Burren is 'a country where there is not enough water to drown a man, wood enough to hang one, nor earth enough to bury him.'

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Panoramas Guadaluoe Mountains Guadalupe Mountains

Guadalupe Mountains (New Mexico, USA)

The core of the "Guads" was formed during the Permian by tropical coral reefs. Today, these carbonate rocks contain some of the most unusual and beautiful caves in the world, such as the famous Lechuguilla Cave – a true jewel of the underground.

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Assistance during photo sessions for these galleries:

Hazel Barton, Katey Bender, Derek Bristol, Silvia Carrozzo, Beth Cortright, Ielena Fonda, Peter Gedei, Vid Gorjan, Leo Klimmer, Jörg Haußmann, Artur Hofmann, James Hunter, Sybille Kilchmann, Angela und Stephan Lang, Aria Mildice, Valeria Pasqualini, Gitti Plank, Dario Riavini, Thomas Schneider, Michael Schopper, Thomas Schulzki, Rainer Straub, Mijca Vrviscarja, James Wells, Stefanie Wisshak, Elisabeth Wolf

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